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The Woodenplough. It is pulled by a cow or two people. By this kind of wooden ploughs, land was cultivated even before the birth of Christ.


Truck GAZ-51, made in Gorki (Russian federation).


The Ditcher is pulled by three caterpillar tractors. With its help, there were harvested opendrainage ditches. This equipment was used until the installation of the drainage system.


German metal lathe powered by steam engine. Made before World War 1.


A  tobaccocutting machine, that is twisted by hands. It was made in interwar period. Its construction is an  ideal technological example.


Russian widescreen cinema projector KN-11. Was used only in a stationary movie theatres.


The portable Russianradio stationIn 1991 January, was used by Lithuanian reconnaissance, in order to listen and pass to TV and radio ether, commands, sent by Russian military staff to tankers.


The first, 1897 January - February, number of Lithuanian newspaper "Varpas", which was printed by Vincas Kudirka.


1904 marriage cerrtificate, written in Kiduliai (Šakiai district, Lithuania). At that time, every officer had to pass a calligraphy exam and had to write beautifully.


An anti - fire water pump. Water was pumped by 4 persons. It was used in America.