The Museum
The Museum was established in 2004, it contains about 7000 exhibits.
Agricultural machinery
Dream and joy of ancient Lithuanian farmers.
A wooden plough
A primitive construction from the Christ times, but principle stays the same even today.
A potato - digger
Praties were grown and distributed as decorative plants in XVI century.
“Youngster” - replaces 12 horses.
Reclamation equipments
The first ditch digging machine, after the shovel.
Household appliances
Smokers’ joy – the tobacco granulation fabric.
A corset
A torture and a beauty of ancient world’s women.
Student equipments
The beginning of the education evolution.
Photo, Film equipments
Gallery of the ancient “historians” who have recorded reality the most objective.
Exhibits of soviet times
About 50 years Lithuania was under occupation of the Soviet Union.
A radio station
Military head - phones.